Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More fun in the snow!

Welcome to North Dakota! Heavy Duty Parka's a must!
Ben had the day off today(work was cancelled) so we played in the beautiful snow. We were having so much fun we didn't really think of the temperature. But when we came back inside to drink our hot chocolate, we found out it was -25 outside. I guess you just get used to it or your brain just freezes.

Christmas was spectacular. And especially white. This is Gracie's favorite present!


Alison said...

That looks like so much fun! Your boys look like they have so much fun together! I can't believe how cold it is their!! Take Care!

Simmonds/Wilson Clan said...

Ok that picture of Ben flying through the air is so scary! :) The snow angel pic is so cute! Krissy pooh, is your hair short like that pic of "the mamma"? It's so cute! I haven't seen you in way too long! Can you please keep miss Gracie little for a while so I can see her with all her cute baby chub? Ugh I hate how far away you are. Love you guys. Stay warm (in parka's, by the fire, both..whatever it takes :)

Bonny said...

Hi Kristin! Your kids are so cute and you look great. 6 kids?! You are amazing. I'm prego with my 4th and not that I'd give any up, but I think 3 was plenty. :) How the heck are you? My brother Mathew's girlfriend just got called to North Dakota on her mission. She can't even handle 30 degree weather. She's going to die. Take care

Janae said...

Hey Kristin!I do love the connections of facebook, but prefer blogger as well. If you send me your email address,I'll send you an invite to my blog. 6 kids! Wow, what a great family!