Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh! Should I even write? It has been too long. We have finally moved to Las Cruces, NM and have had so many troubles with the sellers and different problems. Aargh! We are enjoying nice weather and the house though, and now just need our house in Minot to sell!

We had a lovely time in Utah while in route to NM. Thanks to Mom and Dad and other family! We had so much fun visiting. Now we are getting used to things here. It feels like a huge city compared to Minot. We love our pecan trees. Grace is talking more and more all the time, and we love to hear her excitedly call out "Pecan" every time she finds one. She loves eating them. We are not huge fans of the cockroaches however. They are so big and creepy!

Grace turned 2 a couple of days after we got here and Abel just turned 7. They are growing so fast. All the kids are loving to find fossils in the rock wall and Kimmy is growing and smiling more every day. She is a super baby! Ben is working for the NRO (basically spy satellites), and can't tell me about anything at work except that it is awesome! He is enjoying being there, even though the schedule is pretty tough.

We miss all our friends in Minot, but we won't miss the weather. We'll think of you Minotians often!

Here are a few random pictures.

Sweet sisters

Abel's birthday. Notice all the missing teeth.

Cute Kimmy

Sweet sisters again. Look closely and you'll see Kimmy under Grace's arm. We had a scare one day looking for Grace. I finally went in my room and saw a foot hanging out of Kimmy's bassinet. I then panicked for Kimmy's safety, but she was fine. Grace had gotten tired and just climbed in the bassinet with Kimmy and fallen asleep. It has happened several more times since, but we try to keep her out for Kimmy's sake. But it is great that Grace loves her sister.

Ah, brothers!

Our drive in New Mexico - a nice welcome from a double rainbow.

Ah, brothers again. Don't ask.

Benny and cousin Lily

Grace's birthday. Thanks aunt Tara for the cake!

Grace got a rocking horse for her birthday.

Fun with cousins

Benny and Kimmy. He loves her!

Sweet gal

Daddy and daughter