Sunday, December 14, 2008


For those of you who may secretly desire to have an adventure in Antarctica, despite the cold, may I suggest an alternative: to come to Minot, North Dakota. I assure you, your experience will be a winter adventure of surviving sub zero temperatures and terrible windchills. If you come at the right time, you can even experience the Northern Lights. The one advantage to coming to North Dakota is that there are people here, including us. And we could, of course, visit and put you up in some decent lodging during your stay.
We are currently hybernating in our home. A blizzard decided to come our way, snowing several inches, all of which is blown in huge drifts, causing closed roads etc. The wind chill has been anywhere from -25 ranging to -60. Wind gusts have been around 50 mph. I really don't see any disadvantage to seeing North Dakota unless you were planning to seek out the penguins.
Here are some fun pictures of this hybernation period. The boys thought it was really cool that there was ice on the inside of their window. They loved scratching their names into it. (Don't worry, their rooms are still heated, but the old windows can't take that cold!) The other picture is of our huge mound of snow. Ben, Jeffrey, me and Willy all worked on shoveling the driveway. What a feat!

P.S. For anyone interested in viewing Ben's new piece of art, and the other jr. artists working in our studio, visit his blog, using the link on the right. It's fantastic!


Karl, Meg, and kids said...

Wow! That looks fun. We keep getting a rain/snow mix.

Kelli said...

Man do we miss Minot! Seriously, we do. We helped with an eagle project today and nearly sweated to death. We miss winter.

Simmonds/Wilson Clan said...

You're gonna need a new pitch to convince me to come visit in the winter... I mean really?!? :) Ok so writing my name on the inside of the window in ice does sound a bit tempting, but still! Stay warm and come visit US :) We love you guys.

AMIT said...

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