Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tribute to my man

I am sure Ben will feel ill at ease when he reads this, but I think he deserves a tribute. Today he left to go to the missle capsule for his last alert. His job as a "crew dog" in the missle field has been indescribably difficult. He has fought a good fight and has gone out with a bang. Not only is Ben the kind of person that does his job well, but he tries to make it better for others. Although he is moving on to an office job (actually it's in a vault, but it is not 70 feet under ground.) he is still trying to improve the work enviroment and training for others who are wearily going to the capsules. He is a wonderful officer and a true mentor and leader. I am so proud of him for serving his country, for moving forward the cause of liberty, for protecting our freedoms and for sacrificing for the benefit of his family and for others. I am thankful for all those who have and do serve in the armed forces, but I am most especially thankful for Ben. I love him! Perhaps he has flaws, but he is perfect for me. We are excited for him to be home with more scheduled hours and to have him sleep at home more than a few nights a week! Thank you, Ben!


sharlee said...

What a lovely tribute to your husband, Kristin. Tell him we appreciate him too and all those who work hard to keep us safe.

Amanda said...

Kristin the two of you together are just an incredible pair. The things that you've done and are doing is... I don't know how to word it. Thank you for your examples!