Thursday, November 6, 2008


Ironically, after writing Ben's tribute about his last alert, it looks like his last alert turned into two alerts. We are currently experiencing somewhat of a blizzard. Because of the conditions, they are making the crews stay for a double alert. Can I survive one more night with him gone? If I've been doing it for four years, I suppose I can. My dreams of the last alert crushed!:) But now, only about 24 more hours! Such is military life. The wind is blowing at about 50 mph. The snow is blowing, creating huge drifts. We can't open our back door! The joys of not only military life, but of Minot, ND! At least it's not -60 yet!


sharlee said...

Wow. I heard about the storm on the news today and thought of you. I bet your kids are having fun. Hopefully Ben can FIND your house when he does get home.

Jerusha said...

yes you can add us as a link. That would be great!

The Schooley's said...

I would never have wished for a blizzard had I known Ben was on alert. Next time, you will have to warn me when to make my next wish!! Grin. At least he is done with alerts when he gets home!! Yipeeeeee!!!!!