Thursday, November 13, 2008

Learning is fun

Homeschooling is sometimes challenging, but mostly fun. I realize more and more how fun learning can be. My children are always teaching me, and trying to teach them improves my learning as well. One benefit of homeschooling is that it can be imaginitive and fun, and individualized for strengths and weaknesses. Today, the boys wanted to learn about Africa and "built" an african jungle full of animals. We read stories from Africa, learned about their lives, made hunting masks etc. We also learned about humanitarian efforts in some parts of Africa. It was great!

The other day I threw a pizza party for my sunday school class (ages 14-18). They were all here playing games. Jeffrey was playing a game called "Gobblet" (which we highly recommend - it is a game of strategy, not quite like chess, but similar in reasoning strategies) with some of the older kids. They just couldn't beat him! They would play again and again, with no luck. Finally, with a combined effort of 7 people, including me, we finally won. He is quite an intelligent child, and a little smart alec too. Heehee.

Here are a couple of other pictures.


Sara G said...

That video is so great! It really sounds like an African safari...way to be such a fun & amazing mom!

Kelli said...

You are amazing and inspiring all at the same time!