Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mini man, scary man (great dad), and other stuff

I have a few random pictures that I thought I should share. The first set of pictures are of "mini man", as we call him. Benny is a crack up. He is so little for his age, and we think he is mighty cute.

Next up is praise of my husband, who is a great dad! You may find the next pictures a little scary, but in all honesty, he is scary for the boys' sakes. He went upstairs one day after work, and came back down all dressed up like "merchant sea man of death". The boys absolutely loved it, (a boy thing I guess). The other picture is of him reading to all the kids.

Jeffrey is a good big brother. He got Grace to fall asleep.


Karl, Meg, and kids said...

I just love my little Benny!

I think that Ben found his Halloween costume for next year. He really did look creepy.

So fun, so fun.

Alison said...

I love the pictures! The one of your hubby with all the kids is so sweet!!

Janiel said...

Too funny! I love the picture of everyone on the floor reading.

Jen and Allen said...

Those are great pics of Benny he is adroable. And that is SOME make-up job on Ben. Wow that was scary.