Monday, October 27, 2008

It's finally here

With several requests to start our own family blog, I finally decided it was time. We hope that those of you who want to keep track of our growing family will find this a good way to keep tabs on us. However, I hope that such things as blogs never take away from personal communication. So, for this first blog, here are some recent pictures.


Darcee&Daryl said...

Your family is SOOOOO cute! it's fun to see the photos! I'm excited to keep track of what your kids look like on the blog. It takes me a while to figure who is who as it is!!! We love and miss you so much!

Alison said...

I love your blog!! Very cute! Grandma told me you were all blogger's, but I had not been able to find you! Now I can see everyone!! I did not know that you had finally gotten a little girl!! I bet she is spoiled by all those brothers! Your family is adorable!! Take Care!
Love, Alison

The Schooley's said...

Loved looking at the pictures!! Man, the kiddos are getting so big! I love it!! Miss you guys.

Flock of Heffalumps said...

HOORAY! I try and keep up with blogging but I am busy, and I think you'll be in the same boat as me lol But I'm so excited to see your kids and hear updates (along with little Dar :) Seriously I can't get enough of that cute girl!!! Holy crap I just realized I don't know her name lol Wow that's not good! :) All your kids are so cute though! I hope we get to see you guys again sooner than later. Love you lots!